I attended one of the Valuation Days and took along some old costume jewellery that had belonged to my Grandmother - I guessed it was quite old but not very valuable as it didn't seem like gold and diamonds or anything like that, - how wrong was I ??


Mr. Newland was great to sit with for a while and he explained what I had got - well I was amazed at the amount he offered me - it seems that although I was right about the pieces, there was some historical interest and, as he explained, there are collectors for this sort of thing,  anyway I didn't know that and was happy as I walked away with a handful of cash - thank you.

I am searching for some more bits now.       B. Smart - Finchley.

I always knew that my "Monet" was a fake and Mr Newland confirmed that it was - it looked good but was a copy, he didn't want it but sent me to someone who might like it.


I got £300 more than I paid for it.


Thank you Mr. Newland - what great advice.

                                                                      G. Fisher - Wimbledon

I had a pile of Scrap Gold, Mr. Newland gave me £100 more than my regular jeweller !! - I wont be going there again , but I will be looking out for your next visit to Ruislip, thanks

                                                                        B. Timms - Ruislip

I attended your show, didn't have to wait long before I was seen by one of your advisers, I have to say he was really understanding and helpful I knew I had taken along maybe a load of junk but he didn't care and we sifted through a box of old broken cheap jewellery, and not so good watches, rings etc and then he pointed out an old medal, some old coins and a silver pen - gosh was I pleased with that result £400 immediate cash - I was going to throw them all out !!

                                                                         K, Wishop - Ewell

I knew that most dealers really only gave you scrap value for most gold and silver items, but Mr. Newland was certainly in a different class, he actually took into account the history and design of the pieces that I showed him, most informative and best of all - very lucrative for me. I shall be looking out for your return !!


                                                                          S. Potter - Coventry

I couldn't attend the Valuation Day as I had some furniture which was difficult for me to transport, so I rang Mr. Newland and arranged for a home visit, he was very helpful and gave me good advice, he bought my old bureaux and an old armchair - it seems that I had been literally sitting on a small fortune !! - thank you.                                

                                                            J. English - Lindfield, Sussex.